GAME – King Of Lanes

A very different swipe game.

Covid-19 exploded March 2020 and the whole world went into lockdown. For us as management and a record company the pandemic hit hard. Our artists couldn’t tour or play any gigs. All our studio bookings were cancelled and all our releases had to be pushed for later times.

Well, we have learned that if things go bad, you get up on your feet and use your imagination to start something new. That’s what we did.

With former experience of programming went to the drawing board and started…drawing. We wanted colors, pace, loads of levels, hysterical moments, a good gameplay and really really good sound and music.

We have based the game around an upcoming track for the producer duo Arron & Blue. It is the heartbeat of the game and you’ll never get bored. The music is constantly changing and helping you on your way to a high score. At the same time there are loud explosions, creepy squeaks and calming reward sounds.


Your goal is to find the colour path and jump accordingly. The ball turns pink – then jump to the pink lane. The ball turns blue – then jump to the blue lane and so forth.

It all seems easy except there are some many things to avoid. Like… treasure chests, gems, trees, coins, cages, a fish pond, lightning balls, caves, lava pits, flying devil forks, key gates, falling blocks, birthday parties, dungeons, hamburgers, bows & arrows, dominos, rainstorms, insects, elixirs, spikes, ziplines, bombs, black holes, speedlanes, mystery clouds, rainbows, golf, football, bowling, even a basket court…and still so much more.

This is a game that never gets bored!

Expected release: August 2022