Drive Island – The Adventures of Tune Park City

Our biggest and most spectacular game to date. Planned to be released late 2025.

Drive Island is an adventure game where you play young Arion on his journey around Tune Park City and all its strange islands to help his grand dad finishing his postal route. The city is covered in darkness and all civilians are staying inside. It all seem to be connected to music and some frightening musical robots.

King Of Lanes

A remarkable swipe game. Over 250 extreme levels. Addictive!

Dare we say this is the most extreme swipe game you have ever seen! Follow the colors but be prepared – ’cause you never know what hits you down the road.

Treasure chests, gems, trees, coins, cages, a fish pond, lightning balls, caves, lava pits, flying devil forks, key gates, falling blocks, birthday parties, dungeons, hamburgers, bows & arrows, dominos, rainstorms, insects, elixirs, spikes, ziplines, bombs, black holes, speedlanes, mystery clouds, rainbows, golf, football, bowling, even a basket court…and still so much more.

Release autumn 2023


A potential hyper-casual game leader! You goal is to shoot all the blocks that coming at you in a rapid pace. Use the correct color to blast them and shoot as many times as the number on the block or ball. The difficulty is that some blocks are taking up all the screen so it’s easy to accidentally choose the wrong color. Be careful – it’s super addictive!